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Prima Jalichandra-Sakuntabhai, Crossings (X)- Use of Certain Letters of the Alphabet, 2018. Video.

Crossings (X) explores the interchangeability and the permutability of the X. As symbol, letter, mark, X is an ever-expanding signifier that intersects concepts of unknowability, gender, I/You relations and borders. The piece is inspired from the book of logic puzzles, Satan, Cantor and Infinity, by Raymond Smullyan.

PRIMA JALICHANDRA-SAKUNTABHAI is a transdisciplinary artist, currently based in Los Angeles. Their artistic practice ranges from sculpture, installation, collaboration, video and performance. They were born in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1989, and grew up in Oxford, England and Paris, France. Due to their nomadic upbringing, they became interested in spatial implications of the discourse of power. In particular, they examine how the West imposed its hegemony through architecture and spatial organization. Their interest in architecture, film, power, labour and modes of production bring about forms and narratives that examine the formation of the subject in our global transnational world and the primacy of technology over manual labour. The works are platforms to reflect ethically on our role as citizens and individuals.

Their works have been shown in Chicago, Oklahoma City, Tucson, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. They had their first solo show at the Cobalt Studio, in Chicago, Illinois, in 2011. They had a temporary installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson and was included in the 2015 Arizona Biennial, at the Tucson Museum of Art. They were a recipient of the 2016 SOMA Summer awardee, to attend the SOMA Summer program in Mexico City.